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No two patients are the same. Nor are infusion therapies.

Skip the one-size-fits-all approach. Meet BioPlus Infusion: the only infusion pharmacy that tailors care to achieve optimal, individualized therapy outcomes.

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Feel confident and cared for with a pharmacy that has over 33 years of specialty infusion experience.

We’re not new to infusion. BioPlus Infusion is backed by BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy: a trusted member of the specialty industry for over 34 years and part of Carelon, which Drug Channels Institute ranked among the TOP 10 U.S. Specialty Pharmacies.

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Suzan Monk
3 reviews
6 months ago
Everyone was courteous and helpful. Order was placed efficiently and delivered the following day. I was able to apply and receive some financial assistance that made it possible for my treatment. Could not be more pleased.
2 reviews
3 months ago
They were very good to deal with and fast response on getting my medications to me, next day. With no co-pay for me this was a pleasant experience in getting this expensive medication at no cost for me.
Austin Rapkins
1 review
6 months ago
I had a great experience with BioPlus! They were fast, efficient, and effective in processing my order from a distance. They also saved me a literal ton of money through Copay assistance. I would absolutely recommend their services!
Keith White
1 review
5 months ago
They were proactive in helping me get a reduction of my copay. Everyone has been very helpful and informative.

Gain Access to a Financial Advocate

Infusion patients: have you ever ...

  • Spent countless hours on the phone advocating for yourself?
  • Had to pause or alter your treatment because of the unaffordable cost?
  • Had to sacrifice parts of your lifestyle so you can pay for your medication?
  • Felt stressed, scared, guilty, or depressed from your financial struggles?

Become a BioPlus Infusion patient and help is just a few clicks away!

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